Grandmother Earth

Grandmother Earth was born from the body of the Sun. She began as a ball of molten gas and dust that spilled out of the solar vortex, and congealed to form her body. She became anchored in her orbit, and stabilized her cycles of rotation. She was bombarded from afar, and she absorbed more raw ingredients, nutrients required for creation. 

Deep in her womb, forces stirred. The iron within her molten body formed a dense magnetic core. The polarity of her being was set in place. She gestated for eons as her surface cooled. Accepting the gift of water that arrived in comets, more memories were added to her being. 

Through volcanic release she created the atmosphere, and her skeletal shell of rock and crystal became covered in a porous membrane of soil. Mountain ranges pushed up into the skies. Nutrient rich waters circulated throughout her body. It fell from dense clouds onto the mountains, cascaded down valleys, and concentrated into great ocean pools, pregnant with potentiality. 

 To hasten her growth, she evoked the spark of life, ever present throughout the universe, wherever conditions allow, and algae developed in the oceans, to filter and purify the atmosphere. Lichens, plants and trees grew upon the land, and corals lined the ocean floors. Working in harmony, they served the Grandmother, and circulated the waters of life. 

Through the cycle of birth and death, she expanded and contracted in rhythm with the universal heartbeat. Spinning around the Sun, she conceived of a myriad of life forms, each a unique aspect of her nature, and the polarity at its core. Great forests covered the terrain. The oceans filled with plankton, crustaceans and an abundance of fish. The soil was rich with invertebrates, and insects of all varieties. Reptiles flourished and receded, and mammals hunted and grazed throughout the world.

At times, she cloaked herself in ice and snow, and retreated into dreamtime. Then with renewed vitality, she wove and spun her nature once again. Through successive cycles, she grew older and wiser. Her memories were passed from life to life, and with her deepening consciousness, the life forms she created became more self-aware. When humans were born, they thrived on the generosity and abundance of her spirit. She instilled in them a strong and free will, and a deeply polarised nature. With these gifts, they had the potential to complete her work, and transform the Earth into a beacon of consciousness, resounding the song of creation throughout the cosmos. As they grew in number, they tested her strength and her patience. On more than one occasion, she intervened to remind them of their purpose.

“Remember who you are, and where you come from” she would whisper on the breeze, and in the crashing surf. “And remember why you are here.”