The Healer's journey

The Healer’s Journey is a sacred voyage, for all who are willing to answer the call. Doctors and therapists are the guides and helpers, but the true source of healing lies within, and it is activated by accessing ancestral memory, through remembering and recovering your lost Self, and transforming your ancestral wound into a gift.

Over more than thirty years in the consulting room, and in healing circles, I have witnessed many extraordinary stories from people who considered themselves, for the most part, as very ordinary. When we speak from the heart, there are many tones and textures to be heard, including grief, regret, love, anxiety, excitement and joy. Each story is a unique expression, and it carries a fragment of the whole.

The Book

This is a personal guide book for your own Healer’s Journey. Wherever you are in the circle of life, if you feel moved to read these pages, you will gain insights, be inspired and feel supported……


In this training, you will journey into your own Underworld (the subconscious realm) and gain access to lost and forgotten aspects of your Self…….