Post Graduate Training

Homeopathic Philosophy

  • The Vital Force
  • Health, Disease and Cure
  • The Law of Cure
  • The Hierarchy of symptoms
  • The Organon of Medicine
  • Miasms
  • Predisposition and susceptibility
  • The Unprejudiced Observer
  • Taking the case

Materia Medica

  • How to study remedies
  • Bringing Symptoms to life through personal practice
  • The Study of Nature – direct experience
  • The Three Kingdoms of Nature

Case Study

  • Live cases
  • Understanding what needs to be cured in the individual patient
  • Prognosis
  • Prescribing the remedy
  • Case management

Further Areas of Study

  • Alchemy
  • Personal boundaries and transference in the consulting room
  • The true role of the healer (archetypal study)
  • Mythological themes in remedies
  • Planetary consciousness
  • Chakras and levels of awareness
  • Cosmology
  • The power of the story
  • Body, Mind and Spirit