Light Conspiracy

You say they control the world,

The moon and space

They have enslaved us in delusion

Have access to our dreams

And manipulate our minds


They breed fear to keep us weak

And disunited


You say they poison the Earth,

Pollute the waterways

Spray hormones in the air

And dispossess us of our seeds and soil.


You say they are from a lost world

Under the sea or across the timeless void

They are knowledgeable beyond measure

The keepers of all wisdoms


You say they were responsible for Eden

And granted us awareness

But now they plan destruction

Through plagues and floods

And perpetual wars



You have uncovered the conspiracy


Our world is but a mirror to our soul journey

Slavery, delusion


Fear, weakness, disunity

Poison, pollution


Plagues, floods

And war


These are the symptoms of our collective dis-ease

The shadow tyranny is our own unclaimed power


Transform your disgrace

Purify and free your mind

Open your heart

In service to your souls purpose


Become part of the light conspiracy.