Invisible Offerings


An old wizard called together all the great knights, requesting that they bring gifts to the table.

On the day, the table was laden with produce from the wizard’s own gardens, and each knight added something more splendid than the last.

One noble knight arrived with his entourage, and on greeting the wizard he proclaimed: there is such abundance here, I see no need to add more to the table; but I bring my wit to charm you, and my sword to defend you – surely this will suffice?

The wizard contemplated for a while, and the assembly fell silent: “Let us follow the illustrious knight’s example, those who give of themselves are absolved from contributing to the feast.”

In a flash, the group found themselves seated on the bare earth, the beautifully carved table, the feast, all the splendid gifts, the hand crafted house, the meditative gardens, the water fountains and the cultivated soils – all gone.

There are many invisible offerings being silently shared even in the simplest exchange.