Inner Wise Healer

I dreamed I was a butterfly.

Now I don’t know if

I am a man who dreamed he was a butterfly

Or a butterfly dreaming that he is a man.

                                                                                          Lao Tzu


 Every day, you descend through sleep to the depths of your being, and when you wake, you might surface with fragments in the form of dreams. The deeper levels of your consciousness are not bound by the concerns, thoughts or feelings of your waking mind, and when you receive communication from the depths, it is not in words, but more as an impulse for action, a sense of warning, a vision delivered in images or symbols, or as a symptom in your body.

Consider the ocean. At the surface, the ocean is interacting with and responding to the environment, never still, always moving. Your thoughts and feelings are like the waves, fast moving, rising and crashing randomly, yet also responding to rhythmic cycles. At a deeper level, there are strong and cyclical currents that are slower moving, circulating energy throughout the whole ocean system. Deeper still, and the outer world beyond the ocean seems to disappear, like a distant dream. The depths are in contact with the earth’s mantle and core, the shifting tectonic plates, the powerful volcanos, and these forces are absorbed and integrated by the ocean.

You are like the ocean. It is comprised of all the levels, not only the surface or the remote depths, and you also have a surface and a hidden depth, and all the layers in between, and this integrated living whole makes up your being, which is a mind and body totality.

Memories in regular use are stored in the brain, and are readily accessible to the waking mind. Memories of past events, especially disturbing or traumatic memories, are stored in the physical body and are often unretrievable by the waking mind. Ancestral or evolutionary memories are stored in your cells. An instinctive impulse arises directly from the root of your being; it is a whole-body experience, which simultaneously plays out in the nervous, endocrine and circulatory systems, as well as impacting on feelings and thoughts.

At the depths of your being, there are powerful energetic qualities that were formed over eons of evolutionary time to provide orientation. These are living memories that are stored in your cells, to be activated when they are needed. In 20th century psychology these energy forms were named ‘archetypes.’ They are patterned behaviour that are hard-wired into your nature, and they are closely aligned with instinct. The relationship between a mother and her infant is archetypal, in that neither needs to learn how to behave towards the other, it arises instinctually. The same is true for children at play, lovers, parents and grandparents, and for the basic human roles that are deeply rooted within us, such as care giver, hunter, artist, patient and healer.

You ‘know’ how to be an infant, to join in with play as a young child, or to be comfortable as a grandmother when the time comes, because these archetypes become activated within you when their qualities are necessary. The full range of archetypes exist within every one of us. They are not part of your personality, they are memories rooted in your ancestral and evolutionary past, and part of your core being.

The social orders that permitted our species to thrive were, for countless millennia, small bands, groups, clans and tribes, and within these groups there was invariably healers. Both the healer and the patient archetypes are alive within you, and they are activated by pain and suffering. Throughout the ages, healers were known as seers, witches, wizards, sages, sorcerers, shamans, medicine men and women, midwives, magicians, physicians, doctors and healers.

The qualities of the Healer are self-knowledge, wisdom, being comfortable within yourself, trusting your own instinct and intuition, listening with intention, seeking truth with an open and curious mind, being non-judgmental, having awareness and experience of the soul and the universal force of creation.

When your soul calls you back, because you have strayed far from your true life’s purpose, and you are suffering from emptiness and lack of meaning, the healer archetype becomes activated within you. She is like a beacon, a lighthouse in the tempest.  She will guide you to listen to your own body and soul, to learn to trust your own being, and to be kind, compassionate and loving towards yourself. It is difficult to discern her voice at first, amid the din of contemporary life, but you will learn, and every step you take towards her, she will make a step back towards you. She has secrets to share with you; your own precious secrets, lost along the way. The Inner Wise Healer will help you come home to your full being, remember the wonderment, the magic and the beauty of your Soul, and live your life to its full potential.