You believe your inner feelings are a private realm

Hidden from view


Like an imaginary friend.

But whatever is harboured deep within your heart

Becomes your signature,

Your imprint

Your lasting scent.

It is etched upon your face

And leaks from your gaze.

It informs your expression

Until it is fixed there, for all to see.

Look around you –

Every person is an open book.

Tone of voice, choice of phrase,

Actions, habits, thoughts

Greed attracts greed

Hatred breeds hatred

Light inspires

Kindness opens a door.

Everything is a mirror

To the harboured feelings

In the heart.

Don’t wait for God to reveal to you the obvious.

 Your heart is a sacred garden.

Begin your gardening project now

Clear and cultivate your inner soil.

Those old and painful experiences, once uprooted,

Will make excellent compost.