About Me

A G Conway

Dip T.Psych, DSH, FNWC, R.S. Hom

I have not taken a common route. I studied Philosophy and Psychology with the intention of becoming a writer.  During my studies I was introduced to the work of anthropologist Carlos Casteneda, and this lead me to embark on a life long study of Native American cosmological and medicine traditions. In Oaxaca, Mecico, I was initiated into energy medicine by a Zapotec doctor, who was developing a technique that he called Psionic Medicine, and in the Lakota lands in South Dakota, I was initiated into the teachings of the sacred circle. On my return to Europe, many things happened rapidly, including becoming a father of two wonderful children, beginning a training in Psychotherapy with the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology, and enrolling at The School of Homeopathy. I have now spent thirty five years in practice, as a Psychotherapist and Classical Homeopath. In various trips, I continued my research into Indigenous Medicine, and particularly with the Mesquito and the Hopi. The Hopi teachings were a catalyst for me to realise the importance of farming for a healthy life. I received a blessing in 2005 from a priest of the Snow Clan on 2nd Mesa, which established a bond, and gave authorisation to grow the sacred blue corn at the centre of the Glastonbury zodiac. Farming to grow natural food, and supporting biodiversity with regenerative agriculture, is now a core part of my practice.

I teach natural medicine in schools, colleges, universities and hospitals, throughout the world. My seminars and workshops offer an insight into the interconnectedness of all things, and give tools for the direct perception into the energy field of nature systems. I have seen the rise of interest in Shamanism in Western societies. I do not use that word, but my approach, which involves active and conscious engagement with dreams and visions, has often been seen by others in that context. In the consulting room, I have been granted access to many stories over this lifetime of work. I have also been a keen student of mythology, and traditional stories in the oral tradition. I have been fascinated by the ancestral patterns that play out in the everyday world, and I believe the medicine stories of the past are as valuable today as they ever were.

I began The Healer’s Journey workshops in the early 1990’s. They started out mainly for medical practitioners, including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and so-called alternative medicine practitioners. In time the emphasis shifted, until it became a workshop for everyone who was seriously involved in self-awareness. I have been honoured to have worked with thousands of participants, in many different locations, from conference hotels, to festival venues. The stories I have witnessed in all these years of consulting and facilitating have obliged me to eventually return to my original life goal of writing, in order to share these teachings with a wider audience.

I am currently engaged in the creation of Vale das Lobas in the foothills of the Star Mountains (Serra da Estrela) in Portugal. It is a holistic medicine and teaching centre, with a vision of the reconnection of humanity with nature, and the integration of ancestral tradition with innovation. It will soon be open to the public, offering well-being and discovery experiences, to inspire and heal.