About Me

Tony Conway

Dip T.Psych, DSH, FNWC, R.S. Hom


Tony Conway is a psychotherapist, a homeopath and an alchemist. His lineage in Homeopathy runs back to Samuel Hahneman, through Edward Whitmont, George Vithoulkas, Francisco Eizayaga, Eugenio Candegabe and Rajan Sankaran.  In Psychotherapy, he was iniated into the transpersonal tradition by Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers. In  indigenous  medicine, his main influences were Ramiro Jarquin from Zapoteca, the cosmologies of  he Lakota,  the teachings of the Hopi Prophecy, and extensive research  into the plant medicine cultures of the Quiché, Maya and Miskito districts of Central America and the Carribean.

Tony teaches classical homeopathy throughout the world, in large seminars and small classrooms, to healers and to medical doctors. He began developing the Healer’s Journey experiential training in 1998, and he has students in UK, Serbia, Spain and Czech Republic. The workshops provide a unique blend of training in the art of healing and transpersonal self-reflection.

Tony has worked with a wide range of patients in over 30 years of practice. His work reflects the issues of our times, and thus he worked extensively with HIV and AIDS in 1980s, with children on the autism spectrum in 1990’s, and with patients with damage caused by environmental and industrial toxicity.  He opened his own teaching clinic, Remedy Centre in 2003, and he is dedicated to supporting the vision that health and disease are functions of the eco-system, not only the individual.

In 2010, Tony co-founded Vale das Lobas with Elizabeth Mae Smith in Northern Portugal. It is   a Health and Nature Sanctuary, offering well-being and discovery experiences to inspire and heal. It wil be open in 2022.