About Me

Tony Conway

Dip T.Psych, DSH, FNWC, R.S. Hom


Tony Conway began his study of Homœopathy, Transpersonal Psychology and Alchemy in 1979. His teachers included Misha Norland, David Mundy, Jeremy Sherr, Murray Feldman, George Vithoulkas, Edward Whitmont, Francisco Eizayaga, Eugenio Candegabe, Ramiro Jarquin, Rajan Sankaran, Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers. In researching energy medicine, he travelled widedly amongst Native American communities, including Lakota, Zapoteca, Hopi, Mayan and Miskito of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, where he ran a funded training programme for doctors and indigenous healers from 1998 to 2002.

Tony taught classical homeopathy from 1990 until 2007 at The School of Homeopathy, Purton House College, where he was the director of Homeopathic Philosophy; North West College in Manchester, where he was awarded a fellowship for his groundbreaking work in creating and managing the Practitioner Development programme; The Burren School in West Ireland. He provides workshops and post-graduate seminars for both doctors and lay- practitioners in UK, Serbia, Spain and Czech Republic. The workshops are a unique blend of training in the art of healing and transpersonal self-reflection, called “The Healer’s Journey”

Tony has worked with a wide range of patients in over 30 years of practice. In his Bristol practice he specialized in the treatment of children, including those on the autism spectrum. In 1998, after Hurricane Mitch, which devastated Nicaragua, he provided extensive treatment to trauma victims in the Caribbean coastal town of Bilwi, funded by the UK Department of International Development. He opened his own teaching clinic, The Remedy Centre in 2003.

With his partner Elizabeth Mae Smith, they are now working to create a Centre for Biodiversity, Health and Education in Northern Portugal. The project is called Vale das Lobas, and it is an inspirational forest garden and healing environment, soon to offer training and treatment programs in Natural Medicine.