The role of Intuition

There is much uncertainty in our profession about the role of instinct and intuition.  How do homeopaths prescribe remedies they have never studied, or have not even been proved?  Or discover a patient’s remedy in a dream? We often distrust that dimension, unless it has been confirmed rationally.  Yet there seems to be a yearning for an instinctive, or inspirational approach. In the art and science of homeopathy, we straddle these two worlds. But how do we know when we are inspired?

What appears like an inspiration may be a wish or an illusion. For example, the patient may dream repeatedly of the ocean, and the practitioner decides it has to be an underwater remedy – but the totality leads to Medorhinum or Natrum Muriaticum.  Yet on occasion, you may receive a very powerful insight:

A patient told me about how she often felt in childhood. She described a forlorn feeling, thought herself ugly, and felt belittled and put down by people around her, especially her father.  I asked her to say more about the ugly, forlorn feeling, and she came up with an image of being like a duck. Afterwards, when I reflected on this, my mind was drawn to the story of the ugly duckling, and how she discovered, after a long winter, hiding from the world, that she was not a duckling, but a swan. But at that time, no duck or swan provings had been published.  About two years later, this patient had a broken relationship, which affected her profoundly. She went into a period of recluse, in which she didn’t want to see anyone, or for them to see the state she was in. She felt that same forlorn feeling, very isolated and frightened.

At that time, she had a dream:
” I was at the racecourse, and I knew which horse was about to win the race. My father used to take me to the racecourse as a child.  To find the winning horse, I had to divine it with a divining rod. The divining rod was very strange. It was made of two long white feathers. Like swan feathers.”

I was at once reminded of the Ugly duckling from years before,  and I had recently been involved in the provings of Cygnus Cygnus at The School of Homeopathy. With this confirmation, I prescribed Cygnus  LM1, and the remedy helped her rejoin the world, and heal her confidence, damaged since childhood.